Full Circle Neuropsychiatric Wellness Center


Medication Management by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

We will continue to treat neuropsychiatric illness in the traditional western method of medication combined with talk therapy when appropriate. Dr. Blanchfield and all of the nurses continue to study psychopharmacology and remain current in new drugs and technologies available today.


Psychotherapy by Micheline Toussaint, MSW, LSCW, RYT, and Matthew Na, LMSW

Psychotherapy offers clients a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere to address specific concerns or issues. Some of the benefits of psychotherapy or “talk therapy” include improved communication skills, more satisfying relationships, enhanced coping skills, and significant reduction in feelings of distress. Therapy is not a “quick fix” and some individuals may feel worse before they feel better. Typically, therapy sessions are scheduled weekly, however, they may be scheduled more or less frequently depending on the needs of the client.


Acupuncture by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

Dr. Blanchfield uses acupuncture as adjunct treatment for many illnesses. Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 2000 years. The treatment involves inserting thin, sterilized stainless-steel needles into specific points on the body. These points are located close to the surface and have been used to stimulate various biochemical and physiological responses in the brain and body. The treatment is virtually painless and is extremely safe.


Group Therapy by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

Dr. Blanchfield uses group therapy as a resource for those suffering from similar chronic illnesses that may want to learn ways to help alleviate and better manage their symptoms. Currently we are offering a weekly pain group group in our office.


Spravato by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

Dr. Blanchfield is a REMS certified physician, able to administer Spravato (Esketamine Nasal Spray) in our office. This medication is used to treat major depressive disorder for those that are treatment resistant.


Suboxone by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

Dr. Blanchfield prescribes suboxone in order to decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms in patients and reduce their opioid dependence for the long term.

Medical Cannabis by Colleen Blanchfield, M.D.

Dr. Blanchfield is licensed to prescribe medical cannabis in the state of Virginia to adults 25 years and older. Please complete our medical cannabis questionnaire on our forms page to see if you are a good candidate.